Certain Do\\\’s And Don’ts That Can Make Award Night Effective

Events are impossible without desired background. When it is glamorous party, such as award function, then eye-catching background plays an essential role. A well-designed backdrop will leave the best of your impressions on guests, thus be speculative and selective. It is hard to believe that well-designed background is the greatest marketing tool that can leave behind everything else. It gives you ample of opportunities to become popular, promote sponsors, boost the theme, and promote sponsors. Interestingly, all this is done without any interference in events. With the increasing use of different logos, lighting, designs, stage connections, it is enough to know how your events are generally looking. Remember that every camera rolls at you, so it is crucial to choose, not just right but appropriate background.


  • Go for basic and simple design while choosing right media walls. The background should be designed in such a way that it creates a big impression on guests. The key purpose of the photo background is to facilitate exposure to the sponsors. Thus, do not go for complicated or so, many logos, bushy visuals. Just go for simple like a white background with lesser sponsor logos.
  • While printing brand logos on the background, then check the size as well as format. Do not go for JPEG and high resolutions. Ensure that the logo of your sponsor and yours are latest. If your purpose is to draw attention to the brand, then seek the right one.
  • One thing you should remember that place it either at the entrance door or at the place where it may receive attention from guests. It must be eye-catching and would be able to capture everyone’s attention.
  • They must work in symmetry with red carpet to direct to the audience.
  • In case if you are not using internally lit background, then ensures that there should be enough of the light in addition to photographer’s flash.
  • If it is positioned against the fence, then it should avail proper backing. Ensure that feature is installed aptly and consisted of all fixtures.


  • Events should have enough of the light. Ensure of not using blue light on the media because this can deform the faces. Use soft light for easily capturing the faces and events.
  • Avoid using down lights because they can bring the shadows on faces. Use truss up lights towards the bottom of media wall which bring good effect on logos and stands available there.
  • If you want best lighting results, then use printed table cloths in different sizes which bring maximum impact on your brand.
  • Look for prints of animals, objects and people as this will redouble the joy of photos.