Creating A Marketing Campaign For Your Brand

There is a vast difference between advertising your products and branding or marketing. Most businesses focus heavily on advertising with the end goal of selling the most products. When you are advertising a product, your goal is to sell the product and make money with or without a tag, label or branding. As such, if you were running a cake business, with advertising, you would sell the cake unboxed, in slices at an event to make money and your goal would be achieved. On the other hand, with branding, your aim is more than just to make immediate money. Instead, you aim to make your brand known and you want your potential customer to remember your brand name whether or not they have an immediate need for your product.

Branding ideas

If we were to take the example of a cake and a baking business again, with the right branding techniques, you will want people to remember the name of your cake, your brand name and the picture of your cake. It may not be your customers birthday and they may not have a need for a cake at the moment however, with the right marketing and branding, you will have your customer coming back to your store many months later when their birthday does come around or even recommending your cake and product to other people, their friends and family when their birthdays come around. If you have a store, you will need to have eye catching and vivid window signage so that everyone that passes by your store will see your brand name and your products.

You need to have pictures of your products on your signage in order to let passersby know what you are offering. In addition to this, you can also have teardrop banners Sydney around your store and in the areas close to it with your brand name. The goal of this is to get your brand name in to the minds of your customers.

A top of the mind brand

A top of the mind brand is the first brand that a customer thinks of when they think of a particular product. When it comes to four wheel drives, the first brand that usually comes to mind is Jeep, so much so that people today refer to the vehicle as “a jeep” and this is how good the branding campaigns were for the product. Your goal should be to make your brand the first brand people think of when they think of the product that you sell.