Great Ways To Get More Attention To Your Exposition Spaces

An exposition booth created at an official launch or an expo needs to get the attention of passersby. The booth needs to be attractive enough to make people what to stop to look or get more information about what is on show. Most expos are great opportunities for established and new businesses reach new or potential customers.Research suggest that it takes people usually less than 3 seconds to walk past a booth, therefore you really do have only very little time to get their attention and to make them stop and inquire. Therefore having the right type of exhibition stand design is of great importance. Creating this particular attractive booth does not require rocket science but you do need to know a bit about marketing and the way customers think and act. Therefore let us look at some important ways to make your exposition strategy work for you.

  • Understand customer dynamics: before you look to hire a service provider be sure you have done your background studies of your customers, both existing and potential. Brainstorm and actually find out who is attending the event, their demographics and why you think they are likely to attend at all. May be they are looking for solutions for their problems or looking to try out a new gadget. Knowing their behaviours and likings would also enable you to build a reasonable profile of the customers.
  • Location specific expertise: don’t undermine some of the expertise the suppliers of the booth might have. In certain geographical locations people might behave differently or appeal to different ways of marketing. Therefore look for expertise based on location such as, display stands Sydney suppliers.
  • Use all the Ps: as you might be well aware, there are 7 P’s in the marketing mix, and you must strive to use all of them to make your offering special and appealing to your target audience. For an example look at your product, what can you add as an extra to appeal to the customer? Can you provide freebees? Will there be discounts. All these can attract your audience to visit the booth without simply passing by.
  • Giveaways: these act really well to attract visitors. One way is to organise competitions of even free advice and help exclusively provided within the booth, to get in people to walk in more. Kid’s friendly activities are also great opportunities to get people to visit. However they all need to be aligned with your exposition theme.