Say ‘no’ To Bogus Reading Content – Take Good Guidance From The Internet

“From the childhood, I saw my father reading books; he used to read both fiction and non-fictions. He always encouraged us to read books as it educates us, but I never developed an interest in reading it. The books were my biggest enemies. I grew up reading all my syllabus books and some other books as well, but that too only those, which contains the content of my syllabus. No other books! Even my father gifted me some books on my birthday and I tried reading it, but found no interest in it. During my college days, I got a friend who was a bookworm. When I told him, I have no interest in reading books, he was not surprised. He said many of us do not have. He suggested me some books to read, those were some novels. I started reading it, and you would be surprised to know that, within few hours of reading that book, I developed an interest and wanted to read the whole book. And in two days I finished it.”And now, I am a bookworm too!

The reason why I started reading is not because, it was my friend who suggested me the book, but because he suggested me the right book according to my interest.

I got the friend to guide, everybody is not that lucky to get a friend like I had. Therefore, the responsibility of a good friend has been taken by the internet; some of the portals are providing all kinds of assistance to the new and existing learners with regards to book. They do it by sharing the Australian book reviews online, suggesting good books for a particular age group, author’s interview and much such stuff.Other information that one can get from here are:

Online magazines

They publish the online magazines for all the age groups of people and carry the content related to the books only. With this magazine, the reader gets to know about latest book released, reviews of the books, about the author who has written the books, etc.

Purchase option

If you want to purchase some of the books, according to the suggestion made on the portal, then you do not have to go anywhere else. You can buy it right from the portal.

Writers’ information

The books are mirrors of Author’s perspective towards the book content. You should read only those authors that are unbiased and give balance content. The website educates you about some of the best authors in the articles about Australian authors section.