Sign Me Up

Slimline edge light boxes, double edged under awning illuminated signs, flex-face billboards and a wall mounted sign light box. What does it all mean? You can stop scratching your head and frowning at the screen because here is everything you need (and always wanted?) to know about the wonders of illuminated and slim led light box signs.

Basically they are just different types of signs for your business. But it doesn’t stop there, they all have different uses, looks and prices. A slim led light box for example is mainly used on the façade of retail shops or for menus and it is well, slim. Because it is rather unobtrusive a slimline sign light box design is perfect for display promotions in the shop window or menus on the interior. They operate like a light box, with a LED light, placed at the rear and an image or poster in the front. The light shines through the picture giving the effect of it being lit up. Visually it looks similar to having a spotlight on an image.

Moving on the double edged under awning signs, these are mainly for the exterior of the shop and hang under a roofing or awning. These are great for shops located on a strip mall or in a line of shops along a footpath. The double edged part means that when it is handing (perpendicular to the shop front) you can see it when approaching from both sides. It acts as a signal or advertisement that your shop is there. The quality of the sign is what impacts the potential customer and their decision to enter. Let’s be honest, if it is a dodgy job that you got done for a discount by your brother’s, friend’s uncle, chances are it will show. Your sign will not stand out enough (or stand out for all the wrong reasons) and not act in the way it should. When done correctly this style of illuminated sign can add interest to your business and attract new customers.

A flex-face billboard is more of an inside option for illuminated signs. These are commonly placed on the sides of cafés and pop up style businesses is shopping centres. They can be a visually feature that makes the business stand out from the other hundreds of shops. They work in a similar way to the slimline or double edged design, being lit from the back. These are generally much larger in size and can be spotted from far away.

The point is, there are a whole range of light box and illuminated signs available. To help unravel the mysterious of illuminated signage, there are a range of businesses that specialise in the design, production and installation of signs and can help point you in the direction of something that will look great and help increase appeal and awareness of your business.