The Principles Of Selling Something

Thanks to the consumerist world we live in, we are constantly selling something to someone, be it a service, a product or a dream. Everything and anything is marketed and very few things escape the rat race. So it is a good idea to verse yourself in the tips and tricks of marketing yourself or something you have to offer. Here are some of the things you need to remember:

Be on Point

If you have heard of brand ambassadors, then you already understand this concept. Basically, if you are selling something that requires you to conform to a certain behaviour style or lifestyle, then you must stick to it come what may. This is known as being on brand. For instance, employees of certain theme parks who dress up like fictional princes and princesses to amuse the visitors are not allowed to use their own speaking voice, refer to modern technology or even acknowledge anything beyond the fictional world their character lives in. This is to further the illusion of authenticity. While not as extreme, the same applies to you. If you want to be more employable and want to promote yourself as organized and efficient, make sure you get to all your interviews and meetings on time.

Appearance Matters

To be specific: first appearances matter. Whether you are a sales clerk looking to sell off some discounted items or a nervous high-schooler interviewing for an internship, you need to consider what you come off as to your superiors. This is why companies specifically hire promo models from Melbourne when they launch a new campaign. There is no correlation between conventionally attractive people and the efficiency of the new product, but the appearance makes an impression on potential customers, and this might later translate into repeat visits, perhaps even a purchase.

Talk Only When Needed

Sales personnel will tell you that the patter is important; the sales pitch can make or break a sale. But sometimes it’s just as important to not say something. If your customer is analysing a certain product and talking himself/herself into buying it, don’t interrupt them; instead, make assenting noises unobtrusively until they specifically look for your opinion. Jumping in with the latest features of this hi-tech universal remote control might scare off someone who isn’t very tech-savvy.

There are many other things that will make you a good marketer. The basic principles are to make sure you stick to the image you want to portray, to make a good first impression and to allow the customer or whoever you are approaching take the lead if and when necessary.